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The board performed great. My installers reported no significant difference from hanging drywall. We taped and spackeled with the same materials as we do with drywall. 

New York

Personal Residence
This is to tell you about our experience with Foreverboard. We were looking for specialty wallboard for our bath and basement areas. Someone recommended this new product to us, Foreverboard.

I installed it myself and experienced that it installs the same as regular drywall with regard to measuring, nailing, screwing, taping, corner bead and painting. It scores and snaps very clean. I did go through more blades because Foreverboard is more substantial than gypsum drywall.

Prior to finishing or painting the wall, our laundry hose broke loose and soaked every bit of the exposed Foreverboard until it was dripping with water. We let the wall dry and after a few hours we noticed the wall had no damage and no bubbling since there is no paper veil like regular drywall.

Another benefit I noticed was in the past, when using Greenboard for bathroom tile, I had to predetermine where the tile ends and where I would put the seams between the Greenboard and the gypsum drywall. With Foreverboard, I was able to cover the entire wall and install the tile wherever needed.

I also placed a sample of Foreverboard outside throughout a New York winter. Weather had absolutely no effect on the sample at all. I can see Foreverboard as a great choice for long-term installations so I won’t have to worry about any mold or rot years down the road.

Thanks for making such a great product.
Ed L.
New York

Commercial Business:
As a test, Foreverboard was installed into a pizza parlor in New York in 2013. To date the walls are in perfect condition.​

Future Customer:
I received the samples and specs you sent 2 weeks ago. All I can say is WOW....what a great product. I have had a piece submerged in water for a week and there has been no visible or noticeable structural change. I painted a sample as well with a mid grade latex and I think 1 coat might do the trick. I also countersunk a dozen large flat head screws 1/2 inch from the sides and had no issues. I would like to order approx. 150-200 sheets in a month or so when the panel system prototype panel system is ready to go. I believe your board will be the difference maker in the system being a success. 

Dan S.
Philadelphia , PA 

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