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As an environmentally friendly building material, Foreverboard has a unique combination of light weight along with strength and resistance. This is due to very strong bonds between magnesium and oxygen atoms, which form the magnesium oxide molecules (MgO).

New home builders can substitute Foreverboard for their gypsum drywall with an insignificant change to the budget while making a huge difference in the quality and safety of the home.  


• Won't Support Mold & Mildew Growth
• Water Resistant
• Fire Resistant
• Insect Resistant - Natural Insect Repellent
• Non-Allergenic
• Non-Toxic
• Able to absorb CO2 (carbonation)
• Zero Carbon Footprint
• Freeze/Thaw Stability
• Better Fastener Strength
• Smoother Finish
• No pre-treating for a level 5 finish
• No double-cut issues with wallpaper
• Tapered Long Edges


• Stronger & safer home
• Peace of mind against fire, water & mold
• Less repair needs
• Stronger gripping for hanging items
• Flexible to bend soft corners and soffits
• Won't out gas, like gypsum
• Absorbs CO2 means there's less in the home
• Good for the environment
• Smooth level 4 finish gives a more finished look
• Save time and money when applying a level 5 finish
• Remove wallpaper without tearing drywall

Foreverboard, Magnesium Oxide Drywall, MgO Drywall, MgO Wallboard
Foreverboard, Magnesium Oxide Drywall, MgO Drywall, MgO Wallboard

No more mold as with traditional drywall

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