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Ron Voit is the inventor of FOREVERBOARD, a new drywall product that may just revolutionize the drywall industry. 

Ron has always had a passion for inventing products that improve the quality of people’s lives, from air purifiers for children with allergies and cancer to connecting devices for metal to be used with steel studs, bed frames, earthquake bridge bracing and truss systems. He was recognized as “Independent Inventor of the Year” in 2002.

Ron has a long background in construction and hotel renovation so he set out to develop a drywall that would be environmentally safe with no out-gassing, zero carbon footprint and be more effective than traditional gypsum drywall with regard to mold, mildew, fire and insect resistance.

After over eight years of experimenting and developing, Ron created FOREVERBOARD. Experts in the industry have called it "the next generation in drywall."

Our first factory was in Buffalo, New York and began manufacturing in March of 2014. We are now producing from our Central California plant. Ron is working with potential partners to expand across the United States to open additional plants to better service the entire country, as well as countries abroad.

Foreverboard Magnesium Oxide Drywall MgO Drywall

Ron Voit with Joanne King Herring, the woman who was played by Julia Roberts in the movie 'Charlie Wilson's War'.

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